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Well wishes from Family & Friends :

Hi Jassi,
Congratulations !!!
How do you feel as a father now ? There are a lot of good experiences ahead of you, believe me !!!

Congratulations Jassi, Sanchita and your mother. It is indeed a very good news.  Best of luck with Ankit. May Waheguru bless him with good health, long life  and happiness, prosperity and great wisdom. With best of wishes for you all specially for Ankit, 
The Mago Family

Hi Jassi and SanChita..
Hearty Congratulations on the new arrival !! My best wishes are always with you...

heartiest congratulations to both of you on being blessed with a baby boy. congratulations to Dear "ANKIT" too.

Welcome Jassi,
Join the club..of sleepless fathers...The fun is starting shortly...    Congratulations...
Unmesh & Seema
with Shreyas..

Congrats Jassi. You are now the Big Daddy
Alok Bedi

This is indeed a Good News!
Congratulations to you and Sanchita.

Congratulations to you. Convey the same to Sanchita and your Mom.

Congratulations Jassi.
Please extend my warm wishes to the pround Mother. Enjoy and have fun raising the new born.

Jassi and Sanchita,
VERY HEARTY GOOD WISHES to YOU BOTH, for becoming proud parents.
Our cutest love to little Ankit.
Devesh and Shalini.

Our heartiest Congratulations to You Jassi and also to Sanchita !
Ankit is a very nice name !
Best Wishes
Arsh, Bitty and Inderjeet Saroya

Congratulations Jassi !   We are also expecting a baby in May
Atul Srivastava

Congratulations on the new addition (Ankit) to the family. We will talk soon. You didn't mention about the height & weight of the baby. Now biji won't be bored & she won't complain that she has nothing to do.
Paul & Family.

Congratulations to Aunty, you and Sanchita. Calls for a big party. Let me know if you need any help.
Take Care

This is real good news. Congrats to you and your wife!!

Hi Parmar and Sancheeta,
Congrats !!!!!!  God blessed you both with a boy and that is simply great. Take good care of each other and the new one. 
Adil and Gul.

Congratulations!!! for new born Little Jassi (Ankit). Conway our regards to Sanchita.
Sapal Family

Binny Basati.

CONGRATULATIONS Jassi Bhaji and Sanchita - Very Happy to get the News. I will call you shortly... 

Congratulations to u and Snachita for becoming parents.

Hi Jassi ,
Congratulation .... and wishing all happiness to Master Ankit .... 
Vidya Bhushan

CONGRATULATIONS on JOB WELL DONE !!!!!! It's really nice to hear this good news from you and Sanchita. Wish you guys all the best and lots of love to Ankit. Now get ready to enjoy parenthood and new phase of your life. Congratulations to both of you once again...
Bye and Take Care

Congratulations to Parmar family. and welcome to Ankit.
Good luck.
from Saini family.

... Congratulations ...

Dear Jassi and Sanchita
Congrats for your new arrival. Give my and sneh heartest wish for god health to bhabi and nephew.
Pramod and Sneh

Congratulations on the new arrival sir. congratulation to you for becoming a dad and to sanchita for becoming a mom. lots of blessings for little Ankit. Congratulations!!!   Will talk to you ..
Take Care
Sanjeev Dhar

Great Man ,
Congrats .... How does it feel to be a Father .... Yaar , the only thing is that ab apne Bachpane Chodne Padenge ......(We'll have to leave our Bachpana) Ha Ha Ha ! Congrats to both of you . Love to Ankit .

Hi Jassi,
Many Congratulations!!!!! It is indeed a very happy news. It is good to see friends getting more and more into family and reaping the joys of it. Convey my wishes to Sanchita as well. Wish you all the very best!! Bye

Congartulations.......on becoming a daddy. Heartiest congratulations

bahut bahut Mubarak ho Jassi
Damanjeet Singh

Hi Jassi
Heard the good news from Ashwany. Congratulations!!!!

Dear Jassi and Sanchita,
Major Congratulations on your new addition to the family. May Ankit being happiness and health to you.

Congratulations Jassi & Sanchita !!!!!!  Luv & Best Wishes from :
Kamal & Preeti Dhawan

Dear Jassi,
it is very nice to hear that you become a father of lovely Ankit Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations very very Congratulations on birth of Ankit.  I wish him every happyness of the world. Once Again Congratulation both of You.

Jassi & Sanchita
So little Ankit has arrived at last. It has been a long process, and a lot of waiting. I hope Ankit will add a great deal to the joy you already find in each other. Congratulations , may Ankit know health, happiness, love and prosperity all his life. My heartiest congratulations to both of U. Bye
Take Care.

Dearest  Mistu & Jassi,              

 I got the news as soon as I reached  Goa  from Nepal I am delighted! CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU!! the pictures are so lovely that  I am going on looking at them . Ankit  is a lovely name. I will call him Kittu only.

    A very Hearty congrats to u and your family Jassi ji.

Hello Jassi,
Congratulations! for the arrvival of the new members in your family, My best  wishes are always with you...
Take Care,

Came to know from nachi about u becoming a father congratulations from my behalf
how is the kid and sanchita doing rest every thing is fine here keep in touch

Hi Jassi and Sanchita,
Hearties Congratulations on the new arrival.
Sandeep & Kavita

Hi Jassi,
A very Big Congratulations for becoming father. I had opened hotmail a/c after long time, and got this news. Great !!! How are Sanchita and Ankit ?

Wow !!! Ankit looks great in the pictures . Must be proud to have a lovely cute kid. May god bless him and give me a wonderful future,good health and load of  luck. A hi to sanchita aswell . Regards

CONGRATS     Buddy  !!!
So now your son would   be  a naturalised citizen of the  US ???
Best of luck...

Congratulations! Great news...hope evertything went pretty well.

Hi Jassi and Sanchita,
Ankit's cool !!!
Cute kid... I am sure u guys must be proud parents. I am very happy for you.

Hi Jassi,
Heartiest congratulations to you and Sanchita!!! May the god bless you all.
Good luck.
- Amit

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jassi. Nice name. It happened early did it not? I  was planning to call you in Feb.

Congratulation Jassi,
Take care in chili weather.

Hi Jassi
Congratulations and now you have more responsibility. You are bapuji. Anyway I cam back on 8th of Jan from Chandigarh after my marriage. We both are doing fine here. Rest life is cool. Hope you all three are enjoying the winter of Chicago.
Take care and have fun

Hi Jassi
Congratulations. So how is the Sanchita and the baby doing. How does it feel to be a father .Congrats again.

Hi Jassi,
Congratulations to both of you from Both of us. Ankit is a very beautiful name. How do you feel now? I know on the top of the World and that's how one should feel. We wish you best of luck and lots of love to Ankit.
Gagan & Ekta.

A BIG Thanks to all of you ! :
Dear friends Thank you all for your good wishes for my newborn son Ankit . We  love you all . May god Bless you all .
Jassi , Sanchita & Ankit